Introductory Blog Post

This is the post excerpt.

To the readers who will go through this blog of mine,a warm hello to you all.

A freakish wordlover, that is exactly what I am so doing justice to the same, I’ll share my write-ups, that will mostly be fiction but at times will revolve around other topics as well.

Hope you love reading them and I’ll do my best to make it worth your time.

See you around.

# P.S. Kindly note that I work for a page as well – Logophiles’ Scrapbooks. So if you ever find same posts don’t put the blame of plagiarism on me.

 (Just thought to inform in advance.)

It is wrong…

It is wrong you know to live in a place that demands wildness of your dreams.

Then they get untamed, unleashed.

Roaming,as far as they can stretch out their limits.

They beseech the breeze that then tempts you to stay;stay far away.

Away from the bars you have been holding yourself inside.

It depresses you even more knowing that you cannot free yourself from the clutches that curtail your freedom and then you become nothing.

A nothing that is no more than a soul-wrecked wanderer.

– Sabiha


Puts aside the object in her track

and continues her walk,

Shying a bit, wipes away the nervousness on her face,

Passes just a smile, still unsure of how to talk.
Mild anthrophobic she has always been,

But a meek,aged smile in reply greets her,

strengthening her motives;

her shyness now a blur.
Reaching close, she brings out the gifts

“Here, this is for you” she announces;

in return surprise and a smile she lifts.
“What is this for?” Her uncle enquired

“For believing in me, when others didn’t”replied she 

with a pride on achievements she has acquired.

– Sabiha.

Lover of solitude

I am a lover of solitude,
a lover of calmness all around me

wherein my insides get filled with awe 

at the wonders of the stillness

nature offers.

But the truth is, at times I long for a voice.

The noise that reaches me to settle deep under my soul
so that I can no longer hear the

breaking of fragments

left of me.

So that it makes me numb

to the emotions I try to evade from.

The tearing voices,I try my best to never encounter.

And when they find me

all I do is tune out to find the

numbness I have mastered.

A thought.

But the most haunting thing when you are loved is the fear of being left.It’s easy for anyone who doesn’t know the little quirks of yours to fall for you. It’s easy for someone who doesn’t know your insanity to crave for you.It’s easy for a person who hasn’t wet itself by the ugliest puddles of yours to think that their love is amaranthine.

But alas my friend,they are mistaken.For they can never truly love you until they have seen every inch of the pieces you own.Until they have seen the transition from a matutinal chirpy wish to the offensiveness on a pifful issue when you are already broken inside.Until they have seen and even then they decide to stay with you for ever without being swept away by some dwindling overpowering emotions.

For they’ll truly love you only when they know of loving you.And they’ll truly stay with you only when they plan to stay with you forever.


Shedding Tears

To say words giving you reassurances of a life with no tears will be a vague promise that I would have to make.

Why should I? When it has set its roots  in my conscious mind; the fact that life isn’t about not shedding the pain but to grieve it and then compensate for the loss.That crying isn’t a mark of weakness or an epitome of bad symbol but that it indicates a healthy being as a normal human emotion. Why promise you to give you a life without tears because fighting this inevitable surpasses my capability.

But my darling, one thing I do assure you is that you’ll never have to pick your pieces all alone. I’ll be right there to hold you when breaking down seems to be the only choice left; Forever and always.
And forevers do exist;at least with us they do.